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By Way of Intro [14 Jan 2009|02:36pm]
[ mood | Sleepy Sick Kitty ]

I felt compelled to reach out to some more LJ humans whom with I share this world... the temporal and spiritual... the mental and emotional.... creative

In recent conversations with 90% tangible, corporeal humans I have been asked a question, in various ways but the in same way (innocent and hostile), which makes me miss my native land....

"Are You from California?"
"yes, and then some".....

the userpic is my mother, circa 1967... she was an adept in advertising and a casualty of drugs. She gave me two wonderful gifts in addition to life... the passion for writing and a middle name of Neal Cassady (J.Neal Cassady C__.) which makes for an interesting conversation piece and helps me engage with others.

friend me?

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