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Walk Into My Voice: American Beat Poetry with Harold Budd + more

Sunday, November 6; 7 PM; all ages
Walk Into My Voice: American Beat Poetry @ Barnsdall Gallery Theater
(4800 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles - Los Feliz, 90027)

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In 1986, Budd attracted well-deserved attention for his collaboration with The Cocteau Twins on "The Moon and the Melodies". It was followed by the acclaimed "Lovely Thunder" and his Opal Records debut, "The White Arcades". With "By the Dawn's Early Light" in 1991, Budd introduced spoken poetry into his music. While 1992's "Music for 3 Pianos" (with Ruben Garcia and Daniel Lentz) is again only instrumental, 1994's "She Is a Phantom" continues the music and poetry direction of "Dawn's" and marks a return to composing for ensemble. Released at nearly the same time as "She Is a Phantom", "Through the Hill" was a first-time collaboration with Andy Partridge of XTC, which Budd says "sounds like strangers who spent the afternoon together."

Listen to samples
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