Melissa (kollidascope) wrote in beatgen,

Being Beat

I am glad I asked the question "what makes you beat" because the two responces I got really answered it for me. I see it as finding yourself not only through music, art, and literature, while that is a big part of it. But finding your self through the world and the way you live. I am very happy and excited with this new revolation in my life. I am currently reading a biography about Jack Kerouac. What are you reading and listening to right now? Any suggestions for me?
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If you want a good book to read, try A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers. That book is amazing (Eggers has been called the modern day Kerouac, though he's more like Ferlinghetti, starting his own publishing house ((McSweeny's)) and all). Right now I'm on a freak folk binge, specifically Devendra Banhart. That man is a hell of a musician.
Thank you so much. I will have to check them out!
which biography are you reading?
King of Beats; Jack Kerouac a portrait By Barry Miles
i meant to answer that last question

i think a defining characteristic of the beat is a transcendent understanding of themselves and their place in the world. perspective.

listen to some jazz, dudes did some wild shit. miles davis - bitches brew is mindblowing.
Do you think Jack Kerouac relates to Whitman or Thoreau in any way? I was reading a poem by one of them and was wondering--is he ecer considered a transcendental writer?
as for a good read-> "The diving bell and the Butterfly", and check out James Blunt, he's an amazing honest singer/songwriter/artist, who is just comming out in the states.
I'm about half way through w/ Desolation Angels by Jack Kerouac
Beat? What's that? Years ago, an old girlfriend called me 'beatboy' in a poem of hers. It felt good. That's the closest I've ever gotten.

A good book is the Outlaw Bible of American Poetry. It's huge. It cost me $40. I put a lot of the poets on my interest list - find their stuff on the internet to save $40, or just look for a cheaper copy.

Hello --
I discovered this book through a friend this past winter and practically read it cover to cover in one sitting....

I work on fire lookout restoration in the Cascades of Oregon, and so was intrigued of this tale of the time spent by three of the Beat poets -- Gary Snyder, Jack Kerouac, and Phillip Whalen -- on fire lookouts in the North Cascades of Washington State in the early to mid-50's. Kerouac was the lookout at Desolation Peak, where he wrote on a little spiral notebook most of "Desolation Angels", for example.

But the book gives a lot of background history of all three people, including Kerouac's time in Mexico and a lot of there hanging out in the Bay Area. There is also a very exact account of the first reading of "Howl" by Allen Ginsberg in October of '55, I believe it was, at the Six Gallery reading in San Francisco.

This book also has some spectacular photos of the lookouts, which for the most part remain today, and have become "meccas" of pilgrimage for beat lovers all over the world.

Highly recommended....