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So. . .

Anyone here ever been arrested?

I just was.
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you should check my latest journal entry, http://www.livejournal.com/users/dreary_dredg/46298.html
if you want the long, and more interesting version.
Trespassing I've had run ins with the cops before but never been arrested for it....yet, the other stuff can't relate to not a fan of pot. I am a fan of clove cigarettes though let me guess were they Djarum Blacks?
That they were.
That's like the only kind of black Cigarette I've seen oh and the pack of Jambi cloves I bought in Montreal those were black too but not nearly as good.

almost.. my cousins and i climbed those MMDA (road traffic office) fences after a concert. we ran good.
One time. But they didn't put me in jail. He sat me on a rolly chair and let me roll around the place while he filled out paper work.